Ludum dare – 100 – The end

I’m throwing the towel in the ring. Still ten hours to go and I probably could finish at least one room by the end of the challenge, but I have to prepare some stuff for next week, so I can’t go much futher.

So how far did I get? You can check it out here. I’ve spent most of the time yesterday working on a working rigging system to animate the characters. Today I finally could get started at simple interaction. I’ve implemented some kind of simple walking algorithm, but it looks aweful. However, with a little more work it could become something very acceptable.

I know all I did was make a very simple canvas implementation of features Flash simply has build in. And I also know there probably are frameworks out there that do whatever I made a lot better. But I wanted to start from scratch, so that’s what I did.

And well, maybe one day I’ll continue working on this tiny adventure game.

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