Ludum dare – 011 – One day later

So we’re almost a full day into Ludum dare. I’m not sure how I feel about the project. On one side, you could consider I have made a few huge steps towards a working engine, but it’s far from being finished. The rigging system I wrote works … kindof. There still are some mistakes in transfering the desired angles to the “child bones”.┬áThe event manager kindof works, but due to the trouble with distributing the angles I sometimes get rather weird effects.

As far as level design, I have nothing yet. I don’t even have a system to create the rooms yet. I have the two first rooms ready in my mind, but without the proper system to implement them, I’m still nowhere. I hope I can develop such a system in the next few hours, so I can concentrate on content tomorrow. After all, this is a content driven game and without content it will only last for a few minutes.

Anyway, this is that status of the “game” as of 00:27 (Belgian time, of course).

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