My 2022 in numbers

Happy 2023! May your senseless wars end swiftly, you energy prices plummet, inflation slack up and economy recover.

I have been tracking my worky-worky time for the last three years now, so why stop now. 2022 was a rather quiet year, so here we go.

The data

Work for hire1.072,5788.627,7082,63
CatLab Drinks7,000,000,00
Same as last year I’ve only counted revenue and excluded all cost except for personnel cost that was directly related to the event (so when I needed an extra pair of hands to work on a QuizWitz event, the cost of those hands are not included in this revenue list). Servers, transport, equipment and other external labour are ignored (= left included) and all amounts are excluding VAT.

I’ve logged a total of 1890,55 hours, which is only about 39,38 hours per week. This is 32% lower than last year! What happened? Not too much, it seems.

The biggest change is in ‘Work for hire’: 1564h in 2021 versus 1072h in 2022. The company I have been working for was taken over and a project I have been working on was scrapped. Summer is not a great time to find a new project, so it took me a few months to find my bearings again. Either I have been slightly overvaluating my skills and experience, or I am downplaying the economic situation. In the end I had to take a significant fee drop. But at least I’m working again.

Projects per month. Summer holiday was awefully quiet.

It’s not all about the money

(It is though… overall I have a very Scrooge-like personality. But I found some other numbers that are more fun to share.)

QuizWitz has been hosted for 12.570 hours in 2022. That is about 524 days. A total of 159.965 people played a game. The biggest quiz hosted in 2022 had 554 players.

If you sum up all time spent in QuizWitz games (= duration of the game multiplied by the amount of players) we end up with a staggering 35.894 hours of playtime; that is 1495,59 days.

It does make me happy to know that something I have built is at least having some kind of impact on some people, even if it is not where I want to project to be.

QuizWitz Financials

QuizWitz made about €5996 in online sales, €1693 from Airconsole and €10746 from projects. Additionally, through de Quizfabriek projects, another €5050 was generated in projects.

Online sales€5.996,30
Total revenue€21.744,28

Operation costs for QuizWitz are at about €300 / month (servers) + €300 / year (transaction costs) + €1000 (useless google ads), so lets say about €5000 yearly, give or take. I stopped doing analytical accounting on this project as it made me sad.


It doesn’t make much sense to do an overview of all projects as there really aren’t any projects I have not described in earlier blogposts, so instead I am going to list a few highlights that happened in 2022.

Nerdland festival

De Quizfabriek was hired to organise the final event for the Nerdland festival: a Nerdland quiz. This quiz wasn’t much different from any other quiz we have been organising of the years, but seeing your heroes and your mates on the same stage is always amazing.

Wietse & Marthe on stage with the Nerdland team.

Cultuurcentrum Blankenberge

For the season opening of culture centrum Blankenberge we used QuizWitz to add an interactive element to the presentation. I added additional controls to the quizmaster app to make it easier to display slides, video and audio content to make QuizWitz more usable as all-round presentation tool.

FIT UK mission

In May 2022 Ken and I joined the Flanders Investment and Trade mission to London to explore the possibilities to launch QuizWitz in the UK. This ended up leading nowhere, but it was definitely some kind of experience. Also I wore parts of a suit.

Thijs in parts of a suit; mainly the jacket.

Het slimste reclamebureau ter wereld

In cooperation with Sitting Bull quiz & entertainment we hosted a livestream quiz for the marketing team behind “De Slimste Mens ter Wereld”. For this quiz we had to implement a new question- and round type to match the format of the tv show.

Next up

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m spending more time on developing my software engineering skills to get back in the game. Meanwhile I am playing with ideas for new game related interactive experiences, but I am not sure where those ideas will take me.

2023 will also be a year house renovations and I’m sure that will have some impact on any new projects as well.

However, if you have a project in mind (quiz-related or anything else), hit me up. You can find my curriculum vitae here.

See you next year!


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